1. Installation

    $ pipenv install "ipython[all]"
  2. Notebook-Server-Extension aktivieren:

    $ pipenv run jupyter serverextension enable --py ipyparallel
    Enabling: ipyparallel.nbextension
    - Writing config: /Users/veit/.jupyter
        - Validating...
          ipyparallel.nbextension  OK
  3. Notebook-Extension installieren:

    $ pipenv run jupyter nbextension install --py ipyparallel
    - Validating: OK
        To initialize this nbextension in the browser every time the notebook (or other app) loads:
              jupyter nbextension enable ipyparallel --py
  4. Notebook-Extension aktivieren:

    $ pipenv run jupyter nbextension enable --py ipyparallel
    Enabling tree extension ipyparallel/main...
          - Validating: OK